Route to multiple WSGI applications at different URL paths

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Do you have multiple flask applications that you would like to run from the same domain? Do you want to be able to access them by using a URL prefix instead of by accessing a different port? Application dispatching is the solution.

Why I Wanted to Run Multiple Flask Applications

As a part of my data analyst learning journey I decided to set up a portfolio site. I decided to learn the Flask framework to deploy and showcase projects.

Since I was developing the applications at separate times in separate environments, I wanted to be able to keep them…

Are you running a data analysis on a dataset that has physical addresses? Would you like to plot those on a map? You’ll need to geocode them to generate their latitude and longitude co-ordinates.

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How to look up the geocode for a single address

You’ll be using geopy, a Python client for several popular geocoding webservices. Start by installing geopy.

pip install geopy

Import the library you just installed. You’ll be using the Nominatim geocoding service. There are many geocoding services available, but this one does not require an API key to access.

from geopy.geocoders import Nominatim

Create a geolocator object using the Openstreet Nominatim API. It’s a good idea…

Great questions about eating the TGK way

Q: I really want a sweet right now. I don’t want fruit, but I feel guilty for wanting chocolate. What’s clean eating for a sweet tooth that’s easy/fast to grab?

A: Berries and almond butter. Old me would have added Greek Yogurt, new me says add some honey. High percentage dark chocolate, check the label.

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Think about your favorite photograph.

You have it inside your house, in a frame, behind glass. You look forward to gazing at it for decades. You don’t worry about it fading or falling apart.

Now think about taking that photograph out of the frame. You go outside and throw it down in your driveway. Then you walk away.

How long would it take for the sun, the wind, and the rain to corrupt it?

You know that excessive sun exposure can prematurely age your body from the outside. …

A look under the hood at what makes us all better.

September 6, 2017

The Good Bits

Farmer John McConaughy works to reduce the stress on his animals from birth to death. Why? Stress Can Ruin Meat.

Pithy sentence with link

You spend a lot of time researching WHAT to eat and HOW to exercise. But how much time do you spend researching HOW TO THINK?

🌎 Sustainability 🌎



🍖 Eating Well 🍖



Breaking the Dieting Mindset // Eat to Perform

👏 Doing Good 👏


Decision Fatigue: The Hidden Hurdle // Mike Ritter, via

Peter Haas

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